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Southern California Facility Improves Already High Standards

As Vanport Warehousing, Inc. distribution managers gather this week at a customer’s corporate headquarters in South Carolina for an annual Regional Replenishment Center meeting, the Vanport Warehousing, Inc. Southern California facility is undergoing some building improvements.

Vanport Warehousing, Inc. prides itself on safety and cleanliness. All of our employees are required to maintain high standards of good housekeeping not only in the areas in which they normally work but in all areas of the warehouse. It is the policy of Vanport Warehousing, Inc. to require that each employee, as a specific part of his/her work, perform as many housekeeping duties as necessary to insure a safe, clean, orderly and sanitary work area.

Our facility improvements include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Adding trailer locks to truck doors.
    An unsecured or poorly-secured trailer can be a high risk scenario. It doesn’t have to mean hazardous conditions or serious accidents; however, we want to take steps to minimize even the slightest possibility. Adding trailer locks will prevent employee injuries and property damage.
  • New lighting throughout the facility, both inside and out.

    In an effort to be proactive about being a greener company, we’ve changed all inside fixtures to now be the latest technology in energy efficient motion-sensor lighting. They illuminate brighter than our previous lights making it safer for our employees and making product identifiers (numbers, codes, etc.) more visible for enhancing inventory control. The new lighting prevents wasted electricity and helps conserve energy resources. While the initial cost may have been great, we’ve seen near immediate cost savings on our bills – savings that we’ll be able to pass onto customers.

    On the exterior, we’ve added the same energy efficient lighting technology, but the lights stay on for enhanced security.

  • Updated gates and new locks for the truck yard.
    We’ve updated the gates at the entrance and exit of our yard. They slide open more smoothly for ease of use and we’ve added new, securer lock systems to protect the integrity of our customer’s products.

Other improvements include a recently renovated distribution office, offering our office employees a higher efficiency environment. We’re also currently repainting the facility, including the yard and warehouse walls and interior offices.

We’re excited about all of our updates and wish all of the traveling distribution managers a safe journey; we can’t wait for them to see our improvements!

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